It's time for a 4-point shot

Dear Adam Silver:

Congratulations on the new gig! Big shoes to fill. Not literally, of course. I've seen you and David Stern standing next to each other, and I'm guessing you've never tried to put on his Air Jordans.

Look, I know you're a busy guy these days. You're set to take over as the NBA commissioner this weekend, replacing the irreplaceable Stern, who has taken this league to towering heights over the past 30 years. You probably don't have time right now for a PowerPoint-filled meeting, which is why I'm writing you this letter.

Tuck this away and feel free to read it after you meet with some guy named LeBron James. Totally understand. He apparently has some ideas for "the commish," as he calls you. Get to him first.

But I have ideas, too. HoopIdeas, you might say. And today's HoopIdea is one that would make the game more exciting.

This HoopIdea has special significance for Thursday night, when the Clippers and Warriors play on TNT. The game should be great theater. One reason? It showcases three of the game's premiere long-ball specialists: Stephen Curry, Jamal Crawford and Jordan Crawford.

You know what I love about these guys? They have parking-lot range, pulling up occasionally from way downtown. And fans love it. Did you see Jamal Crawford's 33-footer on Wednesday night? It's at the 40-second mark in this highlight reel. It's amazing.