Clippers are NBA's best team

The Clippers, led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the NBA's best team according to Vegas. Noah Graham/Getty Images

With roughly a month to go in the 2013-14 NBA regular season, teams are already positioning themselves for the playoffs -- or draft -- and in a rare occurrence, there are as many as six squads with a legitimate shot at the title.

This will mark the third edition of ESPN Insider's NBA Vegas Rankings this season. Our esteemed panel of handicappers consists of Dave Tuley, Geoff Kulesa and yours truly, Erin Rynning. As mentioned in the first and second editions, these rankings represent the perceived neutral-court value of each NBA team in the eyes of Vegas bettors and handicappers. In other words, if the Heat played the Warriors on a neutral court, you could use the ranking system to determine what these three panelists would grade as the perceived line of the game (before adjusting for home-court advantage).