LeBron + Love should = speed

Projecting how the Cleveland Cavaliers should play with Kevin Love alongside LeBron James is not a challenge, at least on the surface.

We're talking about the world's best player at one forward spot, with arguably the best rebounding/deep-shooting big man ever to play the game at the other forward position. What can't they do, especially when factoring in a great shooter/scorer at point guard in Kyrie Irving? But the question for coach David Blatt is not "what style best suits our talent?" but rather "what style best suits this roster while also matching up better against our top competitors?"

There are many variables to consider, and the reality is that teams can and do adjust their styles as the season evolves, something Blatt proved to be a master of in Europe. In theory, though, unless the Cavs can suddenly add a lot more size to this roster (size that can play), there really is a pretty basic formula if they want to have a great chance at a ring