The increasing importance of PGs

During a period where the NBA is blessed with great depth at the point guard position, as ESPN is exploring in our series on "The Point," it's easy to wonder whether these talents are canceling one another out.

To find evidence to the contrary, look no further than the bottom of the standings. With a handful of notable exceptions, the NBA's worst teams also have gotten the weakest play from their point guards, falling behind at what has become perhaps the league's most important position.

Rating point guard play

To evaluate each team's point guard production, I used lineup data from NBA.com/Stats to determine which player on the court was the point guard at any given time. Sometimes, with multi-PG lineups like the Phoenix Suns have used, this is tough to separate, but they shouldn't get credit for all of those contributions while players are at other positions. I then multiplied each player's season-long wins above replacement player (WARP) by my rating system and wins above replacement (WAR) from ESPN's real plus-minus by their percentage of minutes at the point.

That results in the following sets of point guard rankings: