How the NBA is doubling down on its love of the 3-pointer

DeMarcus Cousins didn't take a 3-pointer last preseason but he has tried to expand his game this preseason. Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

DeMarcus Cousins set his feet beyond the 3-point arc, waiting for the pass from his new teammate Rajon Rondo.

The 270-pound Sacramento big man had just set a screen for his point guard and popped out for the trifecta. Rondo fed the big fella the ball without hesitation, and Cousins unfurled a 3-pointer. Missed. Next play, same thing: Rondo/Cousins pick-and-roll with another errant 3. Later in the second quarter, a Cousins 3-pointer ... in transition. Back iron. Cousins has taken 10 3-pointers this preseason, making one.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Fred Hoiberg's Bulls shot 39 3-pointers in his NBA coaching debut; the Bulls' regular-season franchise record is 34. In May, Larry Bird told ESPN.com that he "never liked" 3-pointers and then his Pacers promptly dumped Roy Hibbert, drafted a center with 3-point range and now has power forward Paul George shooting more 3s than anybody in preseason.