Lakers and Sixers get immediate help in Mock Draft 2.0

We did our Way Too Early Mock Draft in August with projections from our NBA Summer Forecast.

Now that we are roughly a fourth of the way through the NBA season, and approximately eight games into the college basketball season, it feels like a good time for an update.

Remember, in a mock draft we don't tell you where a player should go, but rather what each team in the draft would likely do with its pick. If you want a ranking of players, check out our latest Big Board here.

Nothing is set in stone at this point. Expect this mock draft to fluctuate greatly over the course of the next seven months.

The draft order will inevitably change, as will the order of the players. Once conference play hits around January, we'll start to get an even better feel on each player's pro prospects.

Nevertheless, it's time for our second full mock draft for 2016. It's our best stab at a full first round (assuming all eligible prospects who have yet to state their intentions on the draft declare), after taking into account team needs.