2023 NBA mock draft: 12 prospects likely playing their last college games

Projected NBA lottery pick Cam Whitmore could be playing his final games at Villanova this week. Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In an NBA draft class with little consensus outside the top two, big moments on the biggest stages of college basketball could be what breaks this year's young prospects into tiers of team draft boards. But unfortunately for NBA teams and fans, some of the top players in this draft will not be participating in the NCAA tournament, including four of the top five prospects in our top 100 (overseas, G League Ignite and Overtime Elite). Still, this upcoming week is a crucial and final opportunity for teams to get a live evaluation of many NBA hopefuls at the college level.

These final impressions can carry significant weight in the minds of executives, as not all NBA decision-makers have had opportunities to scout every player live over the course of the season. The tournaments create somewhat of a mad dash for scouts to see as many games and players as possible.

For some prospects on bad teams, the end of the season has felt inevitable and imminent for several weeks now. Still, finishing on a strong note would certainly benefit their draft stock as few NBA teams are actively looking to add players with question marks about competitiveness.

Along with our latest 2023 NBA mock, here are 12 players we'll likely be saying farewell to at the college level this week, barring a miraculous run in their conference tournament or an invite to the often-ignored NIT postseason tournament.

First round

1. Detroit Pistons

Victor Wembanyama | Metropolitans 92 | PF/C | Age: 19.1

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2. Houston Rockets

Scoot Henderson | G League Ignite | PG | Age: 19.0

3. San Antonio Spurs