Nuggets, Lakers setting up for failure?

Would the 76ers be making a huge mistake in trading Andre Igoudala? Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

Already this offseason, ESPN Insider has looked at NBA teams that could make a leap forward next year and those headed downward in the standings. Now, we're considering the issue from a different perspective. What moves might teams make -- or not make -- that could cause them to head one direction or the other? We'll start today by looking at possible scenarios that could spell trouble for five teams, then take the optimistic perspective tomorrow with teams that could make moves to improve.

Denver Nuggets: Losing Nene in free agency

The Nuggets' deep rotation was responsible for their impressive run after they traded Carmelo Anthony, which offers them some protection with three starters and two top reserves headed to free agency. But while Denver might be able to replace players like Kenyon Martin and Wilson Chandler, the same cannot be said of starting center Nene, the team's most indispensable cog.