Impact draft trade scenarios

Luol Deng, who averaged 16.5 points this season, would be a fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gary Dineen/Getty Images

While the Spurs wait to find out who will survive the Eastern Conference finals and face San Antonio for the NBA championship, 27 teams are already fully immersed in their plans for 2013-14. That will begin with the draft on June 27, though there are usually a handful of moves made in the days leading up to that night. This year, with the draft board offering seemingly more depth than star power, it will be interesting to see how that affects the draft trade market.

Will teams at the top of the draft try to trade down to add an additional pick or a veteran? Will teams further along in their development try to move into position to target players who fill specific rotation holes? The uncertainty begins at the top, where the Cleveland Cavaliers are open for business when it comes to the draft's top pick.
With that in mind, here are three trade scenarios that could make everybody happy. I did this last year, and the teams didn't listen to any of my proposals. Probably for the best, though I still like that Bulls-Kings scenario, which would have left the Bulls with an Omer Asik-Andre Drummond center combo. And the Grizzlies did eventually deal Rudy Gay for a lower-usage small forward, so you never know.