Postseason MVP rankings: 1-2

The playoffs are off to as surprising a start as we could have possibly imagined.

Who has been the most valuable player thus far? That depends on how you define "valuable."

In the playoffs, we're focused on the 10 biggest difference-makers, strictly from the perspective of who is most helping their team win. This is not a ranking of the best players in the postseason. Nor is it a list of the players who have the best statistics or who have had the most incredible games. Winning is almost all that counts in the playoffs. (Although we will also, from time to time, honor a stellar performance in a losing effort that tips the balance of who will win the next game.)

Look for updates to this list weekly in this Top 10 column, and we'll also be updating the top of the leaderboard all week long on Facebook and Twitter. So, let's begin what promises to be the wildest ride the NBA has seen in years.