Analysis: Kidd's game evolving? Raps in trouble?

Despite the alluring "Vince Carter versus Canada" plotline, the Raptors-Nets series has taken something of a backseat thanks to the shocking defeats of last year's two finalists. That all changes tonight, when their Game 6 is the only show in town.

Unfortunately, the one spotlight game this series gets may also be the worst one. Start with the fact that New Jersey already beat Toronto to a pulp twice at the swamp last weekend, add in the fact that the Raptors may not have a viable point guard available, and you could be looking at some serious ugliness.

Nonetheless, Toronto will be fighting for its playoff life, so we should expect its best effort and, hopefully, a competitive finish. In the spirit of that, as I did with Thursday's two Game 6s, here are some interesting numbers I've dredged up from this series: