Houston Rockets: 2014-15 forecast

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They say luck is the residue of design, but it's not its inevitable product. There was nothing wrong with the plan Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey put into play this summer. He attempted to form a championship-caliber power trio that began with James Harden's acquisition two years ago and was buoyed last year by the signing of star center Dwight Howard. This time, Chris Bosh would have been the perfect piece to complete the set.

To accomplish that, flexibility had to be created, so Omer Asik was traded, as was Jeremy Lin. Bosh was offered a max deal. With LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat and such an alluring core in place in Houston, it all made a lot of sense. Heck, Bosh is even a Texas native. In the end, Bosh stayed put. He likes Miami. His family likes Miami. He will be the featured scorer for the Heat now. That makes a lot of sense, too. No one was wrong in this situation.

That doesn't necessarily lessen the sting for Rockets fans. They are also reeling from the loss of Chandler Parsons, a charismatic young forward who was already productive but seems primed for a lot more. Yet, Morey recovered to fill out the roster. He's got a state-of-the-art player development system ready to yield results. He's still got the star duo of Harden and Howard, and the Rockets won 54 games a season ago. By not matching the Dallas Mavericks' offer for Parsons, Morey also has flexibility to improve the team moving forward. The Rockets hope this summer proves to be merely a stumble along the path to an eventual title.