Six trade targets for the Bulls

With Monday's announcement that Derrick Rose will miss the remainder of the 2013-14 season, the Chicago Bulls find themselves in a difficult, if somewhat familiar situation. Being dealt such a setback so soon after him missing the entire 2012-13 season is a crushing blow, both from the standpoint of missing his talents and the mental and emotional toll of his unavailability. But at the same time Chicago is uniquely prepared to deal with this because it just went through it.

Whereas many teams would wonder how they would fare without their superstar, the Bulls should feel confident they can put together a competitive team, and perhaps even secure home-court advantage for one (or even two) rounds of the playoffs in a weakened Eastern Conference.

However, the Bulls still need some form of assistance in the backcourt, especially as a major cog of last season's success, Nate Robinson, is no longer on the roster. The main obstacle to bringing in talent via trade is Chicago's lack of resources to apply in such a transaction. As Bradford Doolittle pointed out, the Bulls are over the tax apron and are about $1.5 million away from the next highest tax threshold, and don't have many tradeable contracts that they can move unless they're involved in a blockbuster deal.

There are three different "deal sweeteners" they can throw in:

• Chicago owns all of its first- and second-round picks moving forward
• Chicago owns Charlotte's first-round pick (top-10 protected this year, top-8 protected next year and unprotected in 2016)
• Chicago owns the rights to European phenom Nikola Mirotic.

Here's a look at six point guards who might be available, as well as why (or why not) they'd be a good fit for the Bulls.