In favor of new NBA age rule

At the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston a few weeks ago, NBA commissioner Adam Silver raised some eyebrows when he declared that raising the age limit for the NBA draft from 19 to 20 is a matter of great importance on his agenda. It was a surprising opinion, mainly because when considering the multitude of issues affecting the game (real-time length of games, draft lottery reform, intentional fouling, etc.), it would seem the age limit is a matter of less urgency.

Furthermore, it touched a nerve among those who believe that the age limit in and of itself is a moral issue. They feel that telling a person he is old enough to smoke, vote and die for his country, but not old enough to play in the NBA, is an unfair practice. I am here to tell Commissioner Silver: "I've got your back."

Here's a look at why a new age limit works, and some variations on the format the system could follow.