LeBron and max-contract absurdity

The LeBron James free-agency circus has engulfed the NBA.

Free agency isn't even a week old, yet it seems we've spent a lifetime thinking, speculating and talking about where James will take his talents next. At least six teams sit in a holding pattern as they await word from the game's biggest star. Countless thumbs across the world are bandaged from maniacally refreshing Twitter feeds on cellphones. A private plane thought to have been boarded by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was tracked online as it flew from Detroit to South Florida, only to have Gilbert tweet, "Sorry folks but enjoying weather in my backyard today."

This stuff is exhausting. You can blame the media if you want, but supply is just meeting the demand. People want to know, and they want to know now. You can blame James for taking so long -- six days now! -- to make a life-changing decision that could uproot his family and alter the way the world remembers him. That barb, of course, seems misplaced.

Really, you should be blaming the owners for creating this monster.