Picking NBA All-Star starters

On Monday, the balloting for the NBA All-Star starters closes, with the 10 lucky individuals being named on Jan. 22 (reserves are named a week later). Inevitably, the All-Star announcements come with a prerequisite amount of outrage, as the vagaries of fan voting often result in the awarding of berths to popular players, but not necessarily deserving ones.

That ripple effect is then felt by the coaches, who are often forced to make tough decisions on deserving players fighting to make the reserve selection list. That's not to say coaching selections are infallible, either; it's not like coaches sit around all day trying to discern the most worthy players -- they are preoccupied with winning the real games on their schedule (as they should be).

With that in mind, I've taken on the "burden" of making the All-Star selections for the starting berths in both conferences.

Eastern Conference