NBA's late-developing PG trend

Odds are Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies won't be named an All-Star when reserves are announced Thursday on TNT's pregame show before a doubleheader that includes Conley's Grizzlies facing the Denver Nuggets. Still, the fact that Conley is a serious part of the conversation is remarkable given that as recently as four years ago, he was one of the league's weaker starting point guards.

Conley isn't the only late-developing point guard to start his career in Memphis. During his first season and a half, Conley was backed up by Kyle Lowry, who is now with the Toronto Raptors and will be making his first All-Star appearance at age 28. When Conley and Lowry played together, there was little indication either eventually would be among the NBA's top-10 point guards, let alone both of them. They're the two most obvious examples that point guards often take more time to fully form than players at other positions.