Top 10 free agents in 2012

Though big men abound, Nash and Williams are two of the best in 2012's free-agent class. Getty Images

Now that the trade deadline has passed, it's never too early to look at the next wave of player movement: 2012 free agency. Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard have all been taken off the market, but there are plenty of big names -- young and old -- on the summer's list.

With apologies to Gerald Wallace, Ray Allen, Ersan Ilyasova, Jeremy Lin and O.J. Mayo, here are the top 10 free-agent targets this summer along with their contract status.

1. Deron Williams | Age: 27 | 2011-12 PER: 21.4 | FA type: Player option


Now that Dwight Howard is off the board, all eyes will be on Williams this summer. And rightfully so. Don't sleep on this guy just because he played on a bare-bones roster this season; he's one of the top dozen or so players in the game. Yes, he's in the midst of a down year on 2-pointers, but he can still bring a stronger package than almost every point guard. Just to remind everyone how good he is, he casually scored 57 points on 29 shots the other day. He will be looking for a max offer from somebody, and he's earned it. And he's been adamant he won't pull a "Dwight" and opt in. He's hitting the market.