Instant impact from the draft

Robinson could become a cornerstone of the Bobcats and make an immediate impact next season. AP Photo/Nati Harnik

The draft is far more about tomorrow than today, as many of the players who are drafted still have much growing to do, physically and mentally, before they even approach reaching their potential. They will mature at different rates and, correspondingly, their production and development will reflect that.

Consider the two youngest players from the draft three years ago, DeMar DeRozan and Jrue Holiday. DeRozan still cannot shoot from the perimeter in comparison with the average NBA 2-guard, while Holiday just started coming into his own this season and could have All-Star potential. Different maturation rates, different production.

Likewise, many of this year's draft picks still will be finding and developing their games three years from now in 2015. However, three teams should see immediate dividends from this year's draft. Of course, their draft picks will have similar learning curves to other teams' picks, but considering the situations they will be in and the roles they will play, these three teams could see instant impact from this year's draft.

New Orleans Hornets

Obviously, Anthony Davis should fit right into the defensive culture of this team. The Hornets were a middle-of-the-pack team on defense and the glass, without the super athletic/energy guy that most of the best teams have. Davis should be outstanding in that role immediately. If he can help the Hornets become a top-10 defensive team and/or a top-10 rebounding team, we can expect a big improvement in their overall record.