Will Deron return to Dallas?

Williams could sign with his hometown Mavericks, but Kidd says it's not always the best situation. Glenn James/Getty Images

One of the factors repeatedly stated as a reason for free agent Deron Williams to sign with the Dallas Mavericks is that it would allow him to return home, having grown up in a small city called The Colony, a suburb of Big D.

While Williams remains noncommittal, sources reported this weekend that he has whittled his choices down to the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets. But pose the "going home" angle as an attraction to an NBA player, past or present, and he's likely to roll his eyes. Or smirk. Or both. At least that was the response when I posed the question during the NBA Finals to just about every present or former player who I could trust not to give the politically correct answer.

You can go home again, contrary to Thomas Wolfe's contention, if you're an NBA player. There are just plenty of reasons why it holds more potential for consternation than comfort.