Top 10 free agents for 2013

Bynum and Howard will be hot free-agent commodities next summer, if they aren't traded first. Douglas Jones/US Presswire

The dust is nearly settled on the summer's hectic free-agency period, which saw one unexpected move after another. With nearly every roster spot accounted for (until any possible trades shake things up), it's never too early to start thinking about next year. The crop of free agents in 2013 is a deep one, and there are quality players at every position who could turn a contender into a championship team.

Let's take a quick look at who's available.

1. Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic (Unrestricted)

Where to start? When Howard waived his early termination option in March, it automatically meant he'd become an unrestricted free agent next summer. With Howard, little else is automatic, as his trade saga has dragged out for the better part of a year.

Late Wednesday night, it was reported that Howard would sign a long-term extension with the Lakers if a trade goes through, which mercifully would take him off the free-agent market. (Of course, this all depends on Andrew Bynum agreeing to sign a long-term contract wherever he is sent in a trade, which is far from a sure thing.)