At 36, can Tim Duncan be DPOY?

Even at the ripe old age of 36, Tim Duncan has found fresh legs this season. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Even if the Mayans had turned out to be right, I'd have been half-expecting Tim Duncan to find a way to continue to put up double-doubles on a nightly basis. That's how ludicrously consistent the Big Fundamental's career has been.

Seriously, here were are, just a few days away from 2013, and Duncan ranks as the NBA's top big man in player efficiency rating (PER) at 25.2. This is a guy who made his NBA debut in October 1997 just after Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond blew out the candles at his fourth birthday party. There's more: Duncan was playing in the NBA at the same time as Charles Jones, who used to be Dr. J's teammate.

Yes, Duncan is 36 years old and still dominating the league, 45,000 minutes later. Here's a long list of players who have averaged 17 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks at age 36:

Tim Duncan.

And that's it. No one else.