Can Rose elevate Bulls over Heat?

Does Derrick Rose's return make the Bulls better than the Heat? Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images

He looks great. He's moving well. He's shooting lights out in drills and carrying more muscle. He should be back after the All-Star Game.

So what should we expect from Derrick Rose when he returns from his torn ACL injury? Better yet, what should we expect from the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose?

Without Rose, the Bulls are already that annoying, suffocating opponent that no one likes to play. They're 3-0 against the New York Knicks and 1-0 against the Miami Heat. But beating Miami in the regular season isn't much of an indicator. Good teams routinely beat the Heat in the regular season. The Knicks and Indiana Pacers are each 2-0 against them this season.

The problem comes when you have to beat the Heat four times in the postseason. Could Rose really be an answer to that problem?