Heat unstoppable in the clutch

When it comes to crunch time, the Miami Heat outscore opponents nearly 2 to 1. David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers were at home and beating the defending champs by three points with 3:57 left on the clock. The Philadelphia crowd was on its feet, and momentum was on the 76ers' side Wednesday. All they had to do was cling to that three-point lead for less than four minutes and they would snap the Miami Heat's historic 19-game win streak.

The 76ers lost by four.

Another close game, another victory for the Heat.

The win streak stands at 20 games, and six weeks have gone by since we've seen the number in their loss column change. But Wednesday's win over Philadelphia underscores a hallmark of the Heat's remarkable run and their 2012-13 season as a whole:

They have been almost unbeatable in the clutch.