Dwight Howard's big issue

Dwight Howard is once again a free agent and looking for a new team. Harry How/Getty Images

Dwight Howard has apparently had some issues with his former coaches. First there was the debacle in his latter days in Orlando, when his coach volunteered to the media that his star player sought to have him sacked. Then just a couple of days before the start of free agency on Friday, word began to circulate that the Lakers' chances of keeping Howard were precarious due to his aversion to Mike D'Antoni's offense.

Howard, of course, doesn't put any of these comments on the record, which is the way of the world in contemporary sports media. Still, the whispers make you wonder just want kind of coach, and what kind of offense, does Howard actually believe is in his best interests? His best option might be to sign with either the Boston Celtics or Philadelphia 76ers -- the two teams that currently have coaching vacancies -- because then Howard can just run things himself.

But any fan who says he wouldn't want Howard on his team is either lying, willfully ignorant, engaged in self-deception, or all the above.

Howard is just that good, and that much we can quantify. Figuring out the ideal kind of offense for him is more complicated.