NBA MVP: If not LeBron, then who?

Could Stephen Curry or Deron Williams possibly unseat LeBron James as NBA MVP? Getty Images

For eight games, he was as good as anyone on earth. OK, maybe LeBron James still had him beat. But no one, including James, put on a better show in late April and early May than Stephen Curry.

Before suffering his second ankle injury of the postseason, one that clearly left him at less than full strength, Curry was the most dazzling player of the playoffs. Draining jumpers from yards behind the 3-point line and finishing in the paint over players nearly a foot taller, Curry averaged 26.5 points and 8.9 assists a game against Denver in the first round and over the first two games of the Warriors' second-round series with San Antonio.

If Curry's almost perpetually troublesome ankle hadn't slowed him down -- averaging just 17 points and 6.5 assists over the final four games against the Spurs -- there's no telling what he and the Warriors might have done.

That leads me to this question: If Curry's gimpy ankles hold up, can he become the first Warrior to win the MVP award?

An assistant coach on one of the league's top teams thinks so.