What execs really think of Melo

Carmelo Anthony needs to look himself in the mirror, some team execs say. Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

The New York Knicks enter tonight's game against the Houston Rockets with a disappointing 3-4 record. While it's way too early to panic, it's not too early to say this: Even when the Knicks right themselves (and I firmly believe they will), they have only a decent chance of getting out of the first round and no chance of getting past the second.

Hence, the Knicks' superstar, Carmelo Anthony, is doomed for yet another postseason of failure. In his 10 previous NBA seasons, Anthony, to his credit, has made the playoffs every year. But just twice has his team advanced past the first round. This kind of perennial failure begs so many questions.

So how much of the blame for that should fall on Melo? What does that say about him as a player? What's he missing, if anything? Can he lead a team to a championship, or even to the NBA Finals? What type of team would fit best around him? Should he leave New York next summer in search of a better chance to win it all? Is he really just a star masquerading as a "superstar'?'

To answer these questions, I turned to four long-time league executives who were granted anonymity so they could share their true opinions.