10:00Tyrell Harrison vs. Sam Waardenburg00
9:46Tahjere McCall personal foul00
9:46Sam McDaniel makes free throw 1 of 210
9:46Sam McDaniel makes free throw 2 of 220
9:29Nathan Sobey personal foul20
9:25Tahjere McCall misses 5-foot jumper20
9:22Tyrell Harrison defensive rebound20
9:05Sam McDaniel turnover20
8:52Taran Armstrong misses 24-foot three point jumper20
8:49Brisbane Bullets defensive team rebound20
8:32Josh Bannan misses 10-foot jumper20
8:30Sam Waardenburg defensive rebound20
8:23Sam Waardenburg makes layup22
8:23Tyrell Harrison personal foul22
8:23Sam Waardenburg makes free throw 1 of 123
8:02Mitchell Norton misses 6-foot hook shot23
7:59Sam Waardenburg defensive rebound23
7:56Sam Waardenburg bad pass23
7:36Sam Waardenburg blocks Sam McDaniel 's 5-foot layup23
7:30Sam McDaniel offensive rebound23
7:30Sam McDaniel makes 20-foot pullup jump shot43
7:18Tahjere McCall makes 24-foot three point jumper (Taran Armstrong assists)46
6:54Mitchell Norton bad pass (Taran Armstrong steals)46
6:46Tahjere McCall misses pullup jump shot46
6:43Tyrell Harrison defensive rebound46
6:29Tyrell Harrison makes layup (Mitchell Norton assists)66
6:18Tyrell Harrison personal foul66
6:18Nathan Sobey substitution out66
6:18Tyrell Harrison substitution out66
6:18Aron Baynes substitution in66
6:18Chris Smith substitution in66
6:18Patrick Miller makes free throw 1 of 267
6:18Patrick Miller makes free throw 2 of 268
6:18Patrick Miller substitution out68
6:18Sam Mennenga substitution in68
6:09Bul Kuol personal foul68
6:00Chris Smith misses layup68
6:00Sam Mennenga defensive rebound68
5:48Taran Armstrong makes 10-foot two point shot610
5:28Aron Baynes offensive foul610
5:28Aron Baynes turnover610
5:28Mitchell Norton substitution out610
5:28Shannon Scott substitution in610
5:28Sam Waardenburg substitution out610
5:28Akoldah Gak substitution in610
5:17Akoldah Gak makes 24-foot three point jumper (Taran Armstrong assists)613
4:52Josh Bannan traveling613
4:28Bul Kuol substitution out613
4:28Lat Mayen substitution in613
4:28Josh Bannan substitution out613
4:28Dj Mitchell substitution in613
4:28Sam McDaniel substitution out613
4:28Nathan Sobey substitution in613
4:14Shannon Scott makes 28-foot three point jumper (Chris Smith assists)913
4:04Shannon Scott personal foul913
4:04Taran Armstrong misses free throw 1 of 2913
4:04Taran Armstrong makes free throw 2 of 2914
4:04Taran Armstrong substitution out914
4:04Patrick Miller substitution in914
3:52Nathan Sobey misses shot914
3:49Sam Mennenga defensive rebound914
3:42Tahjere McCall misses 16-foot pullup jump shot914
3:39Aron Baynes defensive rebound914
3:33Chris Smith makes 26-foot three point jumper (Shannon Scott assists)1214
3:19Sam Mennenga misses 24-foot three point jumper1214
3:16Nathan Sobey defensive rebound1214
3:09Aron Baynes makes dunk (Shannon Scott assists)1414
3:08Tahjere McCall substitution out1414
3:08Bobi Klintman substitution in1414
2:53Patrick Miller misses 9-foot pullup jump shot1414
2:52Brisbane Bullets defensive team rebound1414
2:34Dj Mitchell misses 12-foot two point shot1414
2:28Akoldah Gak defensive rebound1414
2:21Sam Mennenga substitution out1414
2:21Akoldah Gak substitution out1414
2:21Sam Waardenburg substitution in1414
2:21Bul Kuol substitution in1414
2:21Shannon Scott substitution out1414
2:21Mitchell Norton substitution in1414
2:07Sam Waardenburg misses 26-foot three point jumper1414
2:05Brisbane Bullets defensive team rebound1414
2:05Bul Kuol personal foul1414
1:52Nathan Sobey misses layup1414
1:49Bul Kuol defensive rebound1414
1:43Lat Mayen misses 12-foot pullup jump shot1414
1:39Nathan Sobey defensive rebound1414
1:37Dj Mitchell offensive foul1414
1:37Dj Mitchell turnover1414
1:37Dj Mitchell substitution out1414
1:37Josh Bannan substitution in1414
1:25Chris Smith personal foul1414
1:25Lat Mayen makes free throw 1 of 21415
1:25Lat Mayen makes free throw 2 of 21416
1:16Chris Smith misses three point pullup jump shot1416
1:12Aron Baynes offensive rebound1416
1:12Aron Baynes makes layup1616
0:59Mitchell Norton substitution out1616
0:59Nathan Sobey substitution out1616
0:59Shannon Scott substitution in1616
0:59Sam McDaniel substitution in1616
0:53Sam Waardenburg makes 25-foot three point jumper (Patrick Miller assists)1619
0:35Lat Mayen personal foul1619
0:35Aron Baynes misses free throw 1 of 21619
0:35Aron Baynes makes free throw 2 of 21719
0:23Bobi Klintman misses 24-foot three point jumper1719
0:21Bul Kuol offensive rebound1719
0:15Patrick Miller makes 8-foot pullup jump shot1721
0:02Lat Mayen blocks Josh Bannan 's 26-foot three point jumper1721
0:00Bul Kuol defensive rebound1721
0:00End of the 1st Quarter1721