NBL Roster Tracker: Every team and every player for NBL23

Goorj: Magic-esque role for Giddey & Dyson Daniels' versatile talent (1:55)

Boomers coach Brian Goorjian joins Ball and the Real World to discuss the role Josh Giddey honed in his rookie year and Dyson Daniels' ascending potential. (1:55)

With the free agency period underway for NBL23, keep up to date with each team's roster as signings are made throughout the offseason.

Here you will find contracted players, free agents, and returning players from the NBL22 starters/projected lineups.

Adelaide 36ers

Contracted players

Sunday Dech, Anthony Drmic, Kyrin Galloway, Hyrum Harris, Daniel Johnson, Mitch McCarron, Kai Sotto, Nick Marshall (DP), Antonius Cleveland, Robert Franks, Craig Randall II, Deng Acuoth

NBL23 projected starters

G: Mitch McCarron

G: Craig Randall II

F: Antonius Cleveland

F: Daniel Johnson

C: Robert Franks

Notes: Head coach C.J. Bruton recently told me he wanted and needed to attack free agency aggressively. Signing the reigning Best Defensive Player in Antonius Cleveland and a double-double machine in Robert Franks from Brisbane qualifies as attacking free agency in my books.

With the final import spot, they added backcourt support with Craig Randall II, after the guard was named Most Improved Player in the G League last season.

For a franchise that has struggled with import production in recent seasons, it's a monumental pair of additions for an Adelaide team that is now expected to be among the top contenders in the league.

Brisbane Bullets

Contracted players

Harry Froling, Jason Cadee, Tyrell Harrison, Nathan Sobey, Kody Strattman, D.J. Mitchell, Tanner Krebs, Lual Diing (DP), Gorjok Gak, Aron Baynes, Tyler Johnson

NBL23 projected starters

G: Tyler Johnson

G: Nathan Sobey



C: Aron Baynes

Notes: Brisbane landed a huge name in free agency, signing Aron Baynes after months of speculation. Baynes will pair with Olympic teammate Nathan Sobey as the Bullets look to move back into postseason calculations.

The loss of Robert Franks to Adelaide is significant, though Brisbane appear to have landed the backcourt support for Sobey with the addition of NBA veteran, Tyler Johnson.

Harry Froling heads back to Brisbane in what is likely a search for more consistent minutes.

Cairns Taipans

Contracted players

Majok Deng, Mirko Djeric, Bul Kuol, Keanu Pinder, Tahjere McCall, Sam Waardenburg, Jonah Antonio, D.J. Hogg, Lat Mayen, Ben Ayre

NBL23 projected starters

G: Tahjere McCall

G: Bul Kuol

F: D.J. Hogg

F: Keanu Pinder


Notes: Retaining both Kuol and Pinder was an excellent start to the offseason for the Taipans, with both taking major leaps in NBL22.

Retaining McCall is massive for the Snakes. An elite defensive player, the Taipans also added a former G League teammate of McCall's, with D.J. Hogg filling another import slot. Hogg drilled 44 percent of his triples with Lakeland Magic alongside McCall on a high volume of six attempts per outing during 2020-21.

Waardenburg was a hot commodity, with the sharpshooter a nice signing for the Taipans.

Illawarra Hawks

Contracted players

Deng Deng, Sam Froling, Akoldah Gak, Dan Grida, Tyler Harvey, Alex Mudronja, Wani Swaka Lo Buluk, Lachlan Dent, George King, Mangok Mathiang, Justin Robinson

NBL23 projected starters

G: Tyler Harvey

G: Justin Robinson

F: George Koing

F: Sam Froling

C: Mangok Mathiang

Notes: Sam Froling and Tyler Harvey ensured two of the core starting group returned, but it has been wholsesale changes otherwise.

Brian Goorjian was arguably to biggest loss as head coach, before Antonius Cleveland, Duop Reath and Xavier Rathan-Mayes all exited.

Mangok Mathing will replace Reath, while the addition of Justin Robinson adds ball handling and scoring at the guard spot. The Hawks are an unknown prospect after back-to-back postseason appearances but they have done well to fill the many gaps from last season.

Melbourne United

Contracted players

Matthew Dellavedova, Chris Goulding, Shea Ili, Brad Newley, David Okwera, Mason Peatling, Jack White, Ariel Hukporti (NS), Zac Triplett (DP), Makuach Maluach, Joshua Duach (DP), Isaac Humphries, Rayjon Tucker, Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Jordan Caroline, Malith Machar (DP)

NBL23 projected starters

G: Shea Ili

G: Rayjon Tucker

F: Chris Goulding

F: Jordan Caroline

C: Isaac Humphries

Notes: In theory, United had key locals locked up for NBL23 but Dellavedova signed with the Sacramento Kings, while Jack White earned a two-way deal with the Denver Nuggets, throwing all plans into chaos.

Wasting little time, United signed one of the biggest local big men in free agency, with Isaac Humphries joining Melbourne. That move was quickly followed by Rayjon Tucker, Jordan Caroline and former Illawarra Hawk Xavier Rathan-Mayes.

The roster isn't the known quantity it was previously, but on paper they have made some strong additions.

New Zealand Breakers

Contracted players

Tom Abercrombie, Rob Loe, Sam Timmins (DP), Dan Fotu, Will McDowell-White, Tom Vodanovich, Cam Gliddon, Rayan Rupert (Next Star), Izayah Le'Afa, Dererk Pardon, Jarrell Brantley

NBL23 projected starters

G: Will McDowell-White

G: Izayah Le'Afa

F: Tom Abercrombie

F: Jarrell Brantley

C: Dererk Pardon

Notes: The Breakers locked in the starting five spot with Dererk Pardon, with the 25-year-old American being described as the team's number one target by head coach Mody Moar. Jarrell Brantley also joins the Breakers as a forward with NBA experience, securing an import pair that should start together on opening night.

Securing the signature of McDowell-White was nice, with the 24-year-old beginning NBL22 in excellent form as a starter.

Tom Vodanovich returns home to play with the Breakers after a really impressive season with the championship winning Sydney team. As does Le'Afa from South East Melbourne. Joining him will be another veteran, with the underutilised Cam Gliddon a nice piece to provide outside shooting for the Breakers offence.

Perth Wildcats

Contracted players

Bryce Cotton, Majok Majok, Mitch Norton, Corey Shervill, Luke Travers, Oliver Hayes-Brown (DP), Kyle Zunic (DP), Todd Blanchfield, Corey Webster, Jesse Wagstaff, TaShawn Thomas, Brady Manek

NBL23 projected starters

G: Bryce Cotton

G: Luke Travers

F: TaShawn Thomas

F: Brady Manek

C: Majok Majok

Notes: The big news of the offseason is the hiring of John Rillie as head coach after the shock departure of Scott Morrison. The former NBL champion, rookie of the year and scoring champion also carries a distinguished coaching resume, with a decade in the US college system across stints with Boise State and UC Santa Barbara as an assistant.

Luke Travers will suit up for Perth in a huge boost after being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Openly on the hunt for frontcourt support, the Wildcats have signed import big man TaShawn Thomas while also inking Brady Manek with the pair likely to start alongside each other.

South East Melbourne Phoenix

Contracted players

Mitch Creek, Ryan Broekhoff, Kyle Adnam, Dane Pineau, Reuben Te Rangi, Junior Madut, Gary Browne, Trey Kell, Alan Williams, Grant Anticevich

NBL23 projected starters

G: Gary Browne

G: Trey Kell

F: Ryan Broekhoff

F: Mitch Creek

C: Alan Williams

Notes: After John Roberson, Keifer Sykes and Xavier Munford, SEM once again make a change at the import point guard slot, with Gary Browne inking a deal with the team for NBL23. Trey Kell joins Browne as an import guard with the duo expected to start alongside each other for the Phoenix.

With Mitch Creek deciding to stay, the Phoenix enter year four looking to return to the postseason. A healthy season for Ryan Broekhoff would help.

Alan Williams should start at the five, filling the rather large shoes of Zhou Qi.

Sydney Kings

Contracted players

Biwali Bayles, Jaylin Galloway, Angus Glover, Jordan Hunter, Shaun Bruce, Dejan Vasiljevic, Kouat Noi, Jackson Makoi (DP), Derrick Walton Jr., Justin Simon, Tim Soares

NBL23 projected starters

G: Derrick Walton Jr.

G: DJ Vasiljevic

F: Justin Simon

F: Xavier Cooks

C: Tim Soares

Notes: After just winning the championship, the Kings understood the challenge in front of them. Re-signing Xavier Cooks and Dejan Vasiljevic on multi-year deals is huge, but both are expected to draw interest overseas, so it remains to be seen if they return to the NBL for next season.

Star big man Jarrell Martin has signed in Israel, while league MVP Jaylen Adams was always going to be unlikely to return. Derrick Walton Jr. was the first import commit, before a familiar face in NBL21 Best Defensive Player, Justin Simon inked a deal with the reigning champions.

Don't underestimate the signing of Kouat Noi after an injury interrupted run with the Cairns Taipans. Noi has humongous upside and could thrive under Chase Buford in the harbour city.

Tasmania JackJumpers

Contracted players

Josh Magette, Jarred Bairstow, Matt Kenyon, Fabijan Krslovic, Will Magnay, Sam McDaniel, Jack McVeigh, Clint Steindl, Jarrad Weeks, Rashard Kelly, Sean McDonald (DP), Milton Doyle, Isaac White

NBL23 projected starters

G: Josh Magette

G: Milton Doyle

F: Jack McVeigh

F: Rashard Kelly

C: Will Magnay

Notes: Veteran point guard Josh Magette returns for a second season with the JackJumpers. After an early adjustment period, Magette was the on-court leader and facilitator Scott Roth desired for the new franchise. He got better the longer the season went and should be able to build in NBL23.

Rashard Kelly is set to replace MiKyle McIntosh, with the versatile forward expected to slot straight into a starting role, while Milton Doyle fills the explosive scoring of Josh Adams.