'The more the better': Jack White primed World Cup qualifiers, NBA Summer League

The upcoming FIBA World Cup qualifying window in Melbourne presented a number of local stars with a difficult decision to make.

The three game Boomers slate wraps up on July 3, leaving just four days before the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League tips off.

With that in mind, a Summer League-bound Jack White's inclusion in Brian Goorjian's squad was a welcome sight, with the versatile Melbourne United forward also committing to playing in Las Vegas.

"I was honestly a bit stressed about it all. I wanted to have an opportunity to at least be involved with the national team stuff this offseason and I was fortunate with the NBA stuff it was locked away a bit earlier with the team I was playing with," White told ESPN.

"I was planning on heading to the States this week and working out in preparation so I'm not hopping off a plane with jet lag and trying to play. But during the process of working it all out, I got a call from Jason Smith who runs the logistics with the Boomers, and I was super thrilled with the call.

"It's tough timing with the last game on the July 3 and Summer League starting on the July 7; it will be a fair bit to work out, but I've had a great deal of support from Basketball Australia and the team I'll be playing for. The NBA team knew it was a big goal of mine to play with the national team and they were very supportive of that once they found out."

It's hardly a surprise White wants to maximise his opportunities this offseason, with a ruptured Achilles tendon robbing him of similar chances 12 months earlier. Currently playing with the Geelong Supercats in NBL1, he admits taking his foot off the gas isn't in his nature.

"I was encouraged to have a little bit of a break. It's been pretty consistent with the work, doing the rehab for the Achilles and then heading straight into a full NBL season and I committed with the Geelong Supercats.

"It was weird, I got encouraged to take some time and I had a week away from the game, I didn't touch a basketball and it just didn't feel right. I've been conditioned, I hate being out of shape and the process of trying to get back into shape.

"The offseason has been eventful so far; it doesn't feel like much of an offseason which is good for me. The more basketball the better."

Supercats head coach Justin Schueller is an assistant with United, leading a number of connections between the two clubs, allowing White to balance life and work ahead of the exciting but gruelling stretch ahead.

"I'm doing really good; I feel like it's been a good connection with what I'm doing in the offseason and United. The body is holding up well, not too much has been added to my routine, I'm lifting every day and just getting the ball in my hand. It feels good during this time before it gets crazy to have some time to myself and find time to relax and understand that I've been going pretty flat out for the last year or so. It's not a bad thing for me to take the foot off the accelerator and let my body rest."

Speaking with ESPN last month, Goorjian described the upcoming FIBA qualifiers as a golden opportunity for local stars to catch the attention of scouts in the US, though White denies it will be at the forefront of his focus.

"I guess that's a cherry on top when thinking about all this. For me, in my head, when there's an opportunity to represent my country, I'm always going to try and make it work. I'm here to represent Australia the right way and try to win every game. Fortunately, it will also be a good way to make sure I'm heading into Summer League in good shape and playing some really high-level basketball."

"I've been super fortunate with some of the opportunities that have come up, my first senior national team experience, that's something I'm super excited for and then being able to go over to the US and have a crack at Summer League and try and put my foot in the door is something I've dreamed of as a young kid."

When you consider he was in the throes of learning how to secure trust in his body this time last year, it's no wonder White is looking to grab every opportunity with both hands.

The Boomers qualifying window tips off on Thursday June 30 vs. China from John Cain Arena in Melbourne, with the action live on ESPN.