WNBL Round 16 preview: Will the Fire or Flyers come out on top?

Time sure does fly when you're having fun! We are down to our last round of the regular season before finals tip off.

Round 16 will be far from boring, as we have teams still playing for a top four position and the battle for the minor premiership. Although there are three teams who are out of the race, they still have the power to shake up the final standings and the chance to finish their season with a win this weekend.

Can the Lynx make finals?

While the Perth Lynx have made it tough for themselves, their late season comeback might just be enough to secure a spot in finals. After knocking off the Bendigo Spirit last round, they now have a better chance of staying in the top four.

There are a few scenarios in play to make this happen. If the Spirit lose their game against the Townsville Fire, then the Lynx automatically qualify regardless of their results this round. However, if the Spirit win -- then they Lynx must win one of their two away games against either the Adelaide Lightning or the UC Capitals to qualify.

Obviously, the Spirit have the tougher match up as the Fire are on a winning streak and are sitting confidently on top of the ladder. But, with the Flames pressuring them last round, it proved that anything is possible, and the Lynx cannot rely on just that game. If they do have to play for position, then you can be sure that neither the Lightning nor the Caps will be willing to let them have it easy.

Who will finish top?

The minor premiership is still up for grabs. Despite the Townsville Fire's 10-game winning streak, the Southside Flyers are still in contention to finish on top of the ladder. In fact, it may come down to both teams facing off in the Fire's second match, but the Flyers' only game of the round on Saturday.

The Fire have beaten the Flyers on both previous occasions, however, if the Flyers lose both of their games this week, then the Fire will overtake them and be crowned minor premiers of the 2022-23 season.

Can the Spirit bounce back?

The Bendigo Spirit has one last chance this week to get back on track and save their season with a spot in finals. They certainly have the personnel, especially now that Kelsey Griffin appears to be back, however they still seem to be playing inconsistently.

If they can just find their way back to the groove they had in the first half of the season, then perhaps there is still hope for them yet. Anneli Maley and Ally Wilson are known to be ferocious competitors, combine that with Kelly Wilson's experience at the point, Abigail Wehrung's hot three-point shooting and the strong inside presence of Megan McKay and Griffin, and you have yourself a winning side.

Although their fate is not entirely in their hands, there's still an opportunity there for the taking. As has been proven throughout the season, anything can happen and any team can win a game, regardless of where they sit on the ladder.