NBL to work on schedule issues after Sixers' gripes

The NBL has declared competition integrity a top priority and vowed to continue working with clubs on logistical issues following the Adelaide 36ers' lashing of a horror travel schedule.

Sixers coach CJ Bruton and star Dejan Vasiljevic were left fuming after Saturday's heavy road loss to Tasmania, just two days after their defeat in New Zealand.

Vasiljevic blasted the league's "poor scheduling" and declared it the "worst road trip" he'd been on, calling on the league to fix the schedule.

"You talk about being one of the best leagues in the world, don't treat your athletes like this," he said after Saturday's game.

Bruton added his "eyes were stinging" as the Sixers were belted 94-59 in Hobart - their ninth loss from 13 starts this season.

In a statement on Monday, the NBL said it would "continue to look at scheduling and travel arrangements for each team with player welfare and the integrity of the competition among the highest priorities".

"We will continue to work with the clubs on the schedule and travel required, but need to maintain a fixture that prioritises the ability for families to attend between Thursdays and Sundays," NBL competitions and operations manager Sean Gottliebsen said.

"We understand this has an impact on the ideal spread of matches."

"Double-headers are common in the NBL and have been a feature of the schedule for several years."

"Clubs receive the schedule with adequate time to make logistical decisions about how best to navigate the challenges double-headers can present."

On Saturday, Bruton said his team woke at 4am on Thursday to get to Christchurch from Adelaide, and left New Zealand at 1am on Friday to travel to Hobart.

Vasiljevic said he hadn't slept after the clash with the Breakers.

"The Adelaide situation was complicated and while the club had an option to take an alternate, later flight out of New Zealand, it elected to leave earlier," Gottliebson said.

Vasiljevic said the tough schedule took a toll on Adelaide players.

"I played in college (in the US). I've played everywhere. This was probably the worst road trip I've had in a long time," he said after Saturday's game."

"I'm not trying to s*** on anyone or anything, but when you've got to get up at four ... I didn't sleep two nights ago. "Again, it's not an excuse, the JackJumpers are well-coached, but If we're going to do this type of road trip I would have loved to play (on Sunday)."

Adelaide, now on a seven-day break between games, host Cairns on Saturday night.