Silver lining for Lynch

June, 11, 2008
As much as the Marshawn Lynch hit-and-run possibilities are bad for the Bills, it's not going to change the hopes of Buffalo for this season. Lynch, if found guilty, likely wouldn't serve any jail time as a first-time offender. The league might suspend him a game or two, but he wouldn't lose a season or fall under the Player Conduct Code for this incident.

Sure, it's a serious offense. No one is minimizing the severity of a person who leaves the scene of a hit-and-run. Though the injuries were considered minor, the alleged victim would have more of a civil claim against the driver.

Backs against the wall: How scary are things at cornerback for the Browns, who lost Daven Holly for the season and traded starter Leigh Bodden to Detroit? They head into training camp with two second-year players -- Brandon McDonald and Eric Wright. McDonald missed the beginning of Cleveland's minicamp, moving recently signed Terry Cousins into the starting lineup temporarily. General manager Phil Savage admitted the Browns have to come up with another cornerback before the start of the season. After their first minicamp practice, backup cornerback Jerome Perry headed into the training room and yelled, "I'll go get an X-ray." Browns people cringed. Fortunately for the Browns, the X-ray was only for a minor finger injury.

Name dropping: There was one name I forgot the other day in trying to figure out the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013. Brett Favre, Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan and Jonathan Ogden are possible first-ballot Hall of Famers. I forgot Larry Allen, who has yet to announce his retirement, but most people believe he will retire. Allen has been the league's most dominating guard for more than a decade. Then there's Bryant Young of the 49ers and Steve McNair of the Titans and Ravens. Someone also brought up Junior Seau, who is perhaps the most dominating linebacker over the past two decades. Fortunately, Seau will probably re-sign with the Patriots before camp begins. As a Hall of Fame voter, I would like to see Seau stay in football another year. We can only vote in five modern-day players in 2013. Our cup runneth over.

No-win situation: J.P. Losman attended the opening day of Bills minicamp, but he didn't practice. Having lost the starting job to Trent Edwards and being in the last year of his contract, Losman clearly wants out, but he's not going to pay fines to make a point. Chances of a trade aren't good, so expect him to be in camp as Edwards' backup.

In good company: The presence of Brady Quinn will make Derek Anderson a better quarterback. Quinn is a tireless worker. After the first day of mincamp, Quinn, Anderson and Ken Dorsey stayed on the practice field for more than a half hour, working different routes and different throws. It's pretty clear that this group gets along. It's also clear that they are competitive.

Cowboying up: Chris Canty's decision to sign his one-year tender means the Cowboys shouldn't have any holdout problems going into training camp. Canty is too valuable in Dallas' 3-4 for Jerry Jones not to try to lock him up to a long-term deal. Knowing Jones' generosity, Canty wanted to be a good Cowboy and show his faith that a long-term deal will get worked out.

Johnson going camping?: Most of the Bengals do not believe Chad Johnson will show up Thursday for the opening of minicamp. Even though Johnson has said he would be there, they still know he's unhappy. The bigger challenge will be guessing whether he shows up at training camp. Still, it's not out of the question for Johnson to pull a surprise of some sorts. He has a knack for the theater.


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