No way out for Packers

July, 8, 2008
What an amazing transition for Brett Favre. In 2007, he's the king of Wisconsin again, coming off one of his best seasons. Now, he's like that unpopular relative who always threatened to show up at your house for the summer and then plops himself on the couch.

General manager Ted Thompson isn't returning Favre's text messages. The current and former president of the team -- Mark Murphy and Bob Harlan -- spoke out Tuesday and sounded quite content with the idea of Favre staying retired.

Regardless of what top management in Green Bay thinks, it's going to be pretty hard to say no to Favre if he does want to come out of retirement. Cutting him isn't an option because he could end up in the NFC North. Trading him won't be easy. Plus, who wants to be the one who will go down in history as the front office person who chased away Favre? If Favre wants to return, the Packers have no choice but to take him.

Family matters: One of the interesting twists on the Steelers ownership reorganization is how billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller wants to buy a good portion of stock into the franchise and have Dan Rooney and his son, Art Rooney II, run the team. What makes things tough is that if he buys more shares than Dan and Art, it could be perceived that they would be working for him. That probably won't work. The good news for Dan and Art is that Druckenmiller isn't expected to be a rival bidder for the team. The Steelers have been run well for decades by Dan Rooney and his son. He doesn't want them to change. Negotiations to buy out Rooney's brothers have gone on for two years, so don't expect a quick resolution.

Working under deadline: A week remains in the talks between the Titans and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth as the July 15 deadline for long-term deals for unsigned franchise players draws near. Though both sides are working toward a long-term agreement, the team might have to work out a one-year arrangement in which Haynesworth could prevent any chance of being franchised next year because of his accomplishments on the field. Lance Briggs of the Bears and Asante Samuel of the Patriots had those types of arrangements. Talks will continue through the week.


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