Washington can move up or down

The Washington Redskins have given themselves plenty of options by trading with the Denver Broncos for the No. 25 overall pick to complement their own selection at No. 9, but one of those options is probably not Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell.

First, the Redskins are built to win in 2005 and Campbell would not help them do that. Second, coach Joe Gibbs does not prefer young quarterbacks and even shelved current Washington starter Patrick Ramsey for a time last season, showing that he wants a quarterback who's been in the fire. Why give up a first-rounder in 2006 for a guy who's not going to help you win right now, especially when immediate results are what you're looking for and you already have a young passer like Ramsey who should be entering the prime of his career?

A more attractive option might be for Washington to trade down from No. 9 overall and recoup the second-round pick they gave up in the Chris Cooley deal last season, or perhaps even package the ninth and 25th selections to get closer to the top of the board and assure itself of getting the one player it covets.

That being said, I still think some other team will take Campbell off the board late in the first round. Whether that means the Packers select him as an heir apparent to Brett Favre or the Browns or Titans trade up for additional first-round picks is anyone's guess, but Campbell's combination of size, athleticism and accuracy will be enticing to plenty of teams. He is accurate to an extreme, meaning he not only gets the ball to a receiver's area but also places the ball in the right spot so receivers don't have to break stride.

On to some other draft notes and my updated fifth-round projection: