Russell is Raiders' pick -- for now

There are some significant changes to the top-10 picks of this updated mock draft. Although there was temptation to give the Raiders WR Calvin Johnson at the top spot, the only way I can justify such a move is if they sign a veteran quarterback.

Elsewhere, DE Gaines Adams is a reach at No. 2, but I'm working under the assumption the Lions trade down at least two spots to get a better value on him. The one rumor I did give in to is the Browns taking RB Adrian Peterson instead of QB Brady Quinn with the No. 3 pick. As explained below, this is a worst-case scenario for Quinn, who could experience a Matt Leinart-like free fall to the Vikings at No. 7 or the Dolphins at No. 9 overall.

In addition to the noticeable shuffling atop the board, I've added a second round to this version of the 2007 mock draft. Check back next week, when I project all 255 picks in the seven-round process.

+ -- Underclassman

1. Oakland Raiders (2-14)
Projected pick: +JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
Needs: QB, DT, OT/G, TE, WR, LB, CB, RB
It seems owner Al Davis' captivation with WR Calvin Johnson grows with each passing day. If the Raiders can talk the Lions into a deal for veteran QB Josh McCown, it will free Davis to pull the trigger on Johnson with the No. 1 overall pick. Until then, Russell makes the most sense for a team loaded with talented wide receivers (Randy Moss, Jerry Porter and Ronald Curry) but nobody to get them the ball.

2. Detroit (3-13)
Projected pick: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
Needs: QB, ILB, CB, TE, S, WR, C, DT, DE
The Lions hold the keys to the entire top of the draft. The aforementioned McCown trade could throw the entire top of the board into flux. Ironically, such a trade could rob the Lions of their trade value at No. 2. The Buccaneers are rumored to be interested, but only if Johnson is still on the board. Assuming, for these purposes, Russell goes No. 1 to the Raiders, the Lions should strike a deal to move down at least two spots and get a better value for Adams, who is the top pass-rushing talent in the 2007 class.