Early-round linebackers few and far between in 2008

Inside linebackers haven't had much success breaking into the first round the past three years. In fact, San Francisco's Patrick Willis, taken 11th overall by the 49ers last year, is the only inside linebacker to go in the first round in that span.

There is a chance Penn State's Dan Connor could come off the board late in the first round this year, but it's not a very good chance. Making matters worse for teams in search of help at inside linebacker, there isn't a great deal of quality depth in this year's class.

Two outside linebackers going in the first round has been pretty much par for the course over the past three drafts, so this is an average class in terms of elite talent at the top. USC's Keith Rivers isn't as physically gifted as Green Bay's AJ Hawk, but he still moves well for his size and has excellent instincts. As a result, he could go in the top 10 picks.