Top 20 undrafted players

These players might not have been drafted, but they still could find their way onto an NFL roster. Here's a look at the top 20 undrafted players:

1. Michael Bennett, DE, Texas A&M

Bennett is our highest-ranked free agent still available at this point. His ability to hold up against the run makes him a solid value as a five-technique in 3-4 defensive front.

2. Gerald Cadogan, OT, Penn State

Although Cadogan isn't dominant in any one area, he does possess the size and strength to come into camp and compete for a backup role.

3. C.J. Spillman, DS, Marshall

Spillman's lack of fluidity brings up concerns about his overall range. However, he possesses strong football intelligence and is a reliable open-field tackler.

4. Augustus Parrish, OT, Kent State

A lack of overall athleticism may make Parrish more suited for the guard position. We feel he plays with adequate leverage and has the toughness to potentially add depth to the offensive line.

5. Emanuel Cook, DS, South Carolina

There are concerns about Cook's ability to hold up in man coverage and in center field. Still, his overall range in run support makes a case for him to potentially develop into a sub-package run-defender and special teams contributor.

6. Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU

Beckwith brings strong overall instincts and a physical attitude when defending the run on the interior. At the very least, he should get a chance to compete for a backup role.

7. Jonathan Casillas, OLB, Wisconsin

Casillas is undersized at 228 pounds, but he has a great blend of instincts, fluidity and range. In addition, he can bring added value as a special teams contributor.

8. Brian Hoyer, QB, Michigan State

Hoyer admittedly needs to take better care of the ball at times. Still, we believe he is underrated thanks in large part to a mediocre receiving corps. Teams willing to take the time could make him into a valuable backup.

9. Mitch King, DT, Iowa

King is a bit of a tweener who is going to have problems finding a true niche in the NFL. That said, he may have the potential to develop into a versatile reserve.

10. Cornelius Lewis, OT, Tennessee State

Lewis has excellent size, but one of the reasons he may not have been drafted is due to his lack of agility. That said, we believe he can develop into an effective guard, if he doesn't work out at the tackle position.

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