Mel's Matchups: Week 3

Well, we're finally reaching a point in the season with better depth in terms of head-to-head player matchups. No offense to the schools who need to travel to Florida, Alabama or Texas for a big payday, but it's not where you find a lot of matchups between a pair of possible first-round picks. This weekend, however, we'll see some good battles between players we'll be following all the way to the draft.

No. 19 Nebraska Cornhuskers at No. 13 Virginia Tech Hokies Sat., Sept. 19, 3:30 ET (ABC)

Ndamukong Suh versus Sergio Render

This is just a classic guard-defensive tackle showdown. I've said all there is to say about Suh, who's currently No. 5 on the Big Board. He's a relentless force, never takes a play off, and subsequently, he's one of the more difficult guys any guard or center (or both) will ever have to deal with. Suh is a guy who can go to secondary moves any time you handle his first.

Render is a good athlete at a position where you rarely find them and is a key for the Hokies' running game. He performed well when they faced Alabama, which has a lot of talent on defense, and battling Suh to even a stalemate would be impressive.

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