Defense dominates top of mock draft

OK ... Let's try this again. Our first run at our first 2010 mock draft hit a little speed bump when our projected No. 1 overall pick -- Washington QB Jake Locker -- announced he is returning to school for his senior season. So after reviewing team needs, we once again bring out the 2010 mock first round.

We've ordered this first round according to current NFL standings, and ties between teams with identical records are broken based on 2009 strength of schedule, with the team with the weaker strength of schedule getting the higher pick.

The purpose of this early mock draft is to get a feel for the top players on the board and where they might fit into the first round. We include the top draft-eligible underclassmen in this, and while it might bite us occasionally (see Locker, Jake), it gives a better and more fair representation of what the first round might eventually look like, as opposed to if we were to do this with only the senior prospects.

As it stands right now, defensive players and offensive tackles rule the top 10, with a quarterback and safety thrown in the mix as well.