Kiper's second-round mock

The first round of the NFL draft is in the books, but in a draft this deep, the second day will see a lot of players come off the board that in many other years would have heard their names called earlier.

While I've already hit on some picks I loved, some I didn't, and the best players that will come off the board in Round 2, it's worth taking a look at how the second round could shake out Friday night. Emphasize could. At this stage, it's more an exercise in how needs and talent could line up. Round 2 is far more unpredictable than Round 1 for obvious reasons -- the discrepancies you'll see from teams in evaluating talent at this stage are even broader than in the early portion of the draft -- but here's a look at how available players could meet the needs that still exist.

I will say this: As you look below, there's simply a ton of talent to be had, and as I attempted to fill the latter portion of the second round, I was surprised at the amount of talent that will still be waiting there in Round 3.