Kiper: Winners and question marks

It's hard to call anything that happens after the first round of the NFL draft a surprise. Beyond that point, if you were to compare the boards team to team, you'd find vastly different opinions. But you know that. Still, it was evident early on in Round 2, particularly in reference to the remaining quarterbacks. I think you know whom I'm talking about.

Then there was the positioning.

At multiple points, teams traded up for what appeared to be a likely pick, only to surprise. Both Cleveland and Minnesota traded up for picks that I think surprised a lot of people. And Dallas was aggressive once more, targeting a player and swooping in to get him. That said, even with all the trading, one trend from the first round stayed true through Rounds 2 and 3: Teams that didn't get too aggressive with trades to move up the board were often rewarded. The Seahawks, for one, have to be thrilled with their three picks to this point, and in each case, you could have guessed they'd need to be in better position to land the guy they ultimately did. You could call it luck, but a lot of preparation goes into this, so for now, we can call it winning.

With that in mind, from Rounds 2 and 3, here are some winners, some question marks and some of the best players left on the board for Saturday:

Teams I liked

Baltimore Ravens
The picks: Sergio Kindle, Terrence Cody, Ed Dickson
Summary: We didn't even have the chance to mention Baltimore on Thursday. Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens traded out of the first round completely. But they caught our attention in Round 2. If Kindle went off the board as high as No. 12 overall, most would have shrugged and assumed the pick made sense. While there are some questions surrounding his knee, the Ravens got the rangy Texas outside linebacker at No. 43, then landed the monstrous Cody 14 picks later. Again, while Cody isn't a fit for every system, any team who runs a base 3-4 -- and many do at this point -- could use a mammoth block-occupier like Cody. There were weekends when Dickson looked like the best (healthy) tight end in college football last season. Not getting a player like Jermaine Gresham in Round 1 suddenly doesn't seem so bad.