Kiper: Stock Watch

He faced NFL-caliber Nebraska corners, but even then, Jake Locker's performance raised questions. Getty Images

Although it was expected to be a significant challenge for Washington quarterback Jake Locker to go up against a Nebraska defense that not only is able to generate heavy pass rush but also has a cornerback tandem that is second-to-none, I never envisioned what we saw on Saturday.

Even if you try to avoid the numbers and concentrate purely on the talent, it's impossible to look past a guy completing just 4 of 20 passes with two interceptions. What we witnessed on Saturday are the same issues he's had throughout his college career. The first is lack of top accuracy. Having a rifle arm means little if you can't put the football where it needs to be consistently. Granted, there were situations on Saturday when the protection broke down and Locker's best option was simply to get rid of the ball. But there were other occasions when he had ample time and was just off the mark.