Overrated, underrated and sleepers

Ryan Tannehill has been skyrocketing up draft boards. But should he be a top-10 pick? Brendan Maloney/US Presswire

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We've been lining up draft picks and discussing stocks for weeks, but I haven't yet compared players in terms of how I feel about them versus where I assume they'll go on draft day. In simple terms, these are guys I feel are being a little overrated or underrated and some sleepers who need a little more attention.

As a word of warning: On the "overrated" guys, this is based on my current information on where they'll likely be drafted. If a guy I don't see as a top-10 pick ends up at No. 25 overall, then he's not overrated after all. Keep that in mind before you jump in the comments and lose your mind because a guy you like has been slighted.


Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State
It might feel odd to call a guy who is 28 and likely to go in Round 2 underrated. But evaluators agree that if Weeden were younger he'd be far higher. So what's my case? I think Weeden projects as a start-early QB who can help a franchise for 7-8 years, easy. And who in this league has a nine-year plan?