Updated NFL draft QB rankings

Another week, another talented quarterback with a first-round grade in the 2012 NFL draft is out of the mix. Landry Jones made it official Thursday afternoon that he'll be returning to Oklahoma for another season, and the ramifications are significant. Jones' announcement also might shift the decision-making process for an SEC quarterback.

Before the update, let me say I applaud Jones' decision. He has a lot of ability but struggled in the second half of the season, and he made it clear to evaluators that there are things he can work on and skills he can refine with more experience. I fully expect that at this point next year, we'll again be talking about him as a potential high first-round pick, and hopefully with some positive momentum on his side.

That said, let's take a look at how the quarterback class shapes up. As a caveat, I'm not going to rank Arkansas junior Tyler Wilson in the rankings but will indicate where I think he would fit if he does decide to enter the draft.

1. Andrew Luck