Overrated 2012 NFL draft prospects

Morris Claiborne is a solid cornerback, but he may not be a shutdown CB in the NFL. Don McPeak/US Presswire

Last week I took a look at the players who are among the top projected value picks in the 2012 NFL draft.

This week, we'll tackle the flip side of that discussion and review the most overvalued players in the draft.

Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU Tigers

Claiborne brings a lot of strengths to the cornerback skill table, but there are reasons to think he may not be a dominant player in coverage at the NFL level.

A seven-game review of his 2011 performance against the toughest passing offenses the Tigers faced showed Claiborne allowed 12 completions/defensive penalties in 25 targets for 188 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions.