Second-round NFL mock draft

Editor's Note: This file was updated at 4:00 PM (ET) on Friday with a number of new picks.

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Let's have some fun. While a mock attempt at Round 2 is like a lottery ticket, here's one shot at how it could look based on needs, players certain teams like and some gut calls in a number of cases. Again, in the same manner as any mock, the important thing is to get a sense of where players are valued.

At this stage, teams will have a handful of guys they're probably trying to pick from at each spot, and we know some trades will come into play. But here's a shot. Again, this is for fun, but it should give you a good sense of value for the players.

St. Louis Rams

Stephen Hill *, WR, Georgia Tech He has a lot to learn, but the raw skills are there. So is the speed.

Indianapolis Colts

Coby Fleener, TE, StanfordColts need serious help on the D-line and at LB, but Fleener will tempt them.