Final word on the first round

After months of film study and information gathering, draft day has finally arrived. That also means it's time for one last first-round projection.

Talking to scouts and front-office types around the NFL has given me a good feel for the last-minute buzz surrounding various teams and prospects, so here's my final mock draft for 2012.

* = draft-eligible non-seniors

Indianapolis Colts

Record: 2-14 | Top needs: QB, WR, 3-4 NT, TE, 3-4 DE

Andrew Luck*, QB, Stanford

Washington Redskins (from STL)

Record: 5-11 | Top needs: QB, ILB, ROT, RB, S, CB

Robert Griffin III*, QB, Baylor

Minnesota Vikings

Record: 3-13 | Top needs: OT, WR, CB, S, MLB, DT

Matt Kalil*, OT, USC

Cleveland Browns

Record: 4-12 | Top needs: RB, WR, ROT, QB, OLB, DE

Trent Richardson*, RB, Alabama

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 4-12 | Top needs: CB, RB, SS, OLB, OG, TE

Morris Claiborne*, CB, LSU