First-round pick dilemmas

Ezekiel Ansah, Dee Milliner and Dion Jordan are three likely options for Jacksonville at No. 2. AP Photo

It's pretty easy to go back and see massive swings that took place over the course of a single pick. Rolando McClain went one pick ahead of C.J. Spiller. JaMarcus Russell went with the pick in front of Calvin Johnson. Fans tend to see the outcome and forget the context. McClain was a slight reach on my board, but I was also questioning whether the Buffalo Bills were really in the position to take Spiller. At the time, their offensive line was a mess. And sure enough, Spiller didn't play much as a rookie. But it looks different now.

When Russell was picked, the Oakland Raiders were absolutely desperate for a franchise QB. And even though Calvin Johnson still holds the highest grade I've ever given a receiver, I didn't hatchet the Raiders for targeting a QB, and I think we all wondered about the Detroit Lions spending yet another high pick on a franchise wide receiver after taking Charles Rogers and Mike Williams.

History makes those huge draft pivot points even bigger than they might have appeared at the time. At the time, we may not have realized the dilemmas facing those teams, or how much they were wrestling over picks. And we still don't know -- we know only the results.

I was asked to take a look at a few "dilemma" spots in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft where, if I were in the draft room, I'd be wrestling with a few different directions the pick could go.

Early dilemmas

Pick No. 2: Jacksonville wrestles with value