Rising NFL draft prospects

Johnathan Franklin could go as early as Round 2 of the 2013 NFL draft. Jeff Gross/Getty Images

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Yesterday I took a look at prospects who could be in or out of the first round in the draft.

Today, I wanted to list some players who have had a wide draft range depending on which team you talk to, but I feel are trending up the board, with most at least a possibility for Day 2. A couple of parameters:

• I don't expect any of the players below to be drafted on Day 1. There are a couple cases where I think it's possible, but it would be a surprise.
• Because of fans' great complaint that this draft is lacking skill-position players at the top, I'll focus on those for the offense portion.


Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee
The concerns about his off-field commitment and preparation have been out there for a while. But in a QB class where every prospect comes with questions, Bray is the ultimate risk-reward shot because he has Day 1 raw skills. Teams who already have a starter and were thinking of taking a backup on Day 2 might be more inclined to target his high ceiling. In that case, Bray could come off the board.

Matt Scott, QB, Arizona
He has aced the draft evaluation process, and Scott holds particular value to those teams who want mobility at the QB position, not just for the potential starter, but for the backup behind, say, QBs such as Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. Scott can keep those playbooks intact if the starter goes down with an injury.